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Donald Trump is planning to launch his own Social Network

united states of america 30 March, 2021 12:26HRS

The former President of United States Donald J. Trump will probably return to social media soon in a few months of July-August 2021. And he will be on a Social media platform of his own.

This information is as per one of his senior advisor.

Mr Trump was previously banned and removed from Twitter and his Twitter account was suspended right after the Washington Capitol Riots of January 6th 2021. Before this he used to tweet very often on a regular basis on through his Twitter account.Donald Trump has hinted the people of America and the world about the plans for launching a Social Media platform of his own in the near future of 2021. But did not reveal any possible time or date for same neither shared further details about this new business he is planning to expand into.

Since the time the Former President Donald Trump got banned from twitter and lost the reelection campaign for the second term for becoming President of America, he has not been much active on the internet and went almost isolated from the world, reportedly he has been living in his Mar-a-Lago vacation resort which is situated in Palm Beach, Florida, United States.

There has been a buzz about the fact that he might be planning to also launch a TV network in the United States to create a solid presence in the nation the way he would have wanted it to be.

Trump said in an Interview that:

He is doing things about putting his own platform out there, the people will be hearing about this soon.

Trump said to Lisa Boothe during a TV Interview.

Additionally a senior advisor to Donald Trump, Mr Jason Miller said in an Interview on March 21st 2021 that:

He thinks that we will see Donald Trump return to Social Media platforms within next 2 or 3 months and he will be using his own social media platform. This platform will be amongst the best in the social media and social network industry and will redefine the game. He also added that: People will be waiting and watching to see what exactly Trump does next.

Jason Miller did not provide or share any further details about this topic but he clearly stated that Donald Trump is having many high-profile meetings at his Mar A Lago with multiple teams and business people for his upcoming Social Network platform. And also many venture companies has approached Trump about same. As this new social media platform is going to be among the very big and will have millions of people using it in a short period of time after its launch.

On March 22nd 2021 Donald Trump stated that his statements now are getting more coverage and have much better reach than his tweets before. He prefers this method of sharing statements and details as this method of messaging is quite more elegant for him.Trump backed this by saying that the people notice that we put up statements from the president and all and it is getting picked up by almost all people and has more reach amongst the people.

In statements his advisors added that they think that Trump knows the direction he is going in and the new social media platform which he will be launching will have a large user-base and he will bring tens of millions of users to this platform quickly.

For a way long time Donald Trump and his supporters blamed the major social media companies for bias and they believe that these organizations censor their views and beliefs.After the Washington Capitol riots Donald Trump was suspended from most of the major social media platforms that he used to communicate with his supporters. Like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. After this incident, social media platforms such as Parler and Gab were under serious review and investigations as they were a stronghold of the Right-wing public.

Former U.S. President Donald Trump was impeached as he was considered to have influenced the riots. Later on Trump was acquitted because only 7 senators of the Republican Party voted for convicting.

Now Donald Trump can run for the presidency again in the 2024 United States Presidential elections and has been among the top dominators of the election polls even now.

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