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What is Mental Burnout? And how to fix it - An experience based advice

united kingdom 31 July, 2023 21:6HRS

What is Mental Burnout? And how to fix it - An experience based advice

Mental burnout, also known as burnout syndrome, is a state of emotional, physical, and mental exhaustion caused by prolonged and excessive stress.

Have you ever felt totally tired of everything in your life? Does your favourite hobby give you any type of pleasure, or you have no idea why you keep doing all this?

Do you feel trapped inside of a mixture of permanent bad mood, indifference and physical tiredness?

Or maybe your headache and pain in bones are keeping you awake every night? And do you have any idea where you've lost all your motivation and aims?

I think many people recognised themselves while reading this, and these are all symptoms of mental burnout

How to recover from burnout?

I don't think I will discover America, if I say that psychologists call this illness mental burnout.

And you cannot even imagine how many people suffer from it nowadays.

But how dangerous is it? And how to fight, when you simply don't have any desire to take care of yourself?

Let's start from the very beginning. In starting, mental breakdown looks very innocuous: you want to send out others in a good way, but don't get the result you expected. After this you start slowly burning out. In fact, reasons can be different.

What causes burnout?

Maybe you are tired of a monotonous job, where you have to make the same actions from day to day, you have aims that you cannot achieve, or you just feel like nobody needs you. What is more, maximalists and people, who tend to idealize, suffer from breakdown much more.

Mental burnout symptoms

So what can the burnout lead to and how to come through it?

First of all it's vital to say that the earlier you notice the problem and ask for help the better it would be.

Otherwise, mental breakdown can take away your job, relationship with nearest and dearest and any interest in things going on outside of your room. Nevertheless, there are many ways to avoid it and cure the burnout.

How to recover from burnout while still working

At first you need to analyse your real possibilities and reduce the load to recover from burnout. You should not set hard goals and achieve them. Moreover you can try taking short breaks during your work day or take a few days to rest.

Also, do something that gives you positive emotions: for example, spend time with friends, go to theatres and cinemas.

I cannot but mention that you should change your circle of contacts — make friends with self-confident and successful people.

In addition you can discuss your problems with someone. If talking to the nearest people is problematic for you, you can try to talk to strangers — people who know you very badly and whom you will never meet again.

Besides, if people will not listen to you, the paper will.

You can write down everything that is in your head on paper and think about solutions to the problems yourself. It is necessary to add that if your breakdown is getting worse and you cannot cope with it yourself, you'd better ask a doctor for help.

In conclusion

I'd like to say that mental burnout will not be cured for a day. It can take months for you to be full of beans again, but you shouldn't panic and give up while facing some problems. And always remember: you and your wellness are the most important things in your life.

To read more about it, visit FORTH News.

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