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Why Nigeria loves to Overachieve and Excel

nigeria 22 April, 2021 2:15HRS

The capital city of Nigeria is Abuja but the city of Lagos which is another major city in Nigeria is set to be the largest city in the world by year 2100. The people of Nigeria have a keen winner mindset that can be seen and noticed not only in Nigeria but also in countries to which the Nigerian people migrated to. Nigeria is Africa’s most populated country and also holds the biggest and strongest economy in the whole African continent.

Nigerians have earned reputation and respect in many areas and arts beyond their country. All the way from arts, painting, music, entertainment, movies and books; The Nigerian people have been recognized for their skills and talent across the world. The world’s first black African play writer, Wole Soyinka also belongs to Nigeria. He also won the 1986 Nobel Prize for Literature. Many African music singers who are popular for their work worldwide also belong to Nigeria.

More than 60% of Nigerians who migrated to the United States and are over the age of 24 have a graduate-level degree which makes them among the most successful ethnic groups in America.

Nigeria is also the country that won World English Scrabble Players Association Championship 3 times among the last 5 that were held. This was because all around Nigeria, many people practice and sharpen their skills with Scrabble in not very high-end locations and joints. The game of Scrabble is also now officially recognized as a sport by the Nigerian Government.

Nigeria has more than 300 ethnic groups and more than 500 languages are spoken in this country.

The official language of Nigeria is English, and here having a foreign accent shows that the person has a higher level of overall education and success in life. This accent which gets developed among Nigerians is unique and through this special accent Nigerian people can be noticed easily all across the globe.

The mindset of overachieving and ensuring the words that Nigeria Never comes Last, is acquired through a very early age in a child’s life. In the culture of Nigeria, the children are expected to do better and achieve more in life as compared to their parents. Therefore by these early expectations, the children are motivated and driven to get more done in their lives.

The children are taught to marry good partners, earn good money to support their families and their parents over the early on expectations to achieve good in education and further studies. Starting from the school days, all Nigerian students are ranked in classes and in all subjects from best to the least performing. It is usual for a child to have memorized all multiplication tables and periodic table by the time they reach age of 7. Nigerian students not only enjoy studies and academics but also have abundant hobbies and extra activities in their schedules.

The country of Nigeria is like a harmonious society. A society within which all people are motivated and are working hard to achieve greatness and success in their lives. This mindset is not only seen among the people living in the modernized Nigeria but also among the tribes of this country.

Many people in Nigeria do more than one job and also create additional sources of revenue in life. People here can build side sources of income by owning a shop apart from work or some type of part-time business. Here success in life means wealth and influence, mostly it is a materialistic approach to success; it is all about what a person owns and can get done.

The culture for making big in life and getting rich also has an impact and influence on the film industry of Nigeria. The film industry of Nigeria is called the Nollywood. In the year of 2009, the Nigerian movie industry Nollywood overtook the American film industry Hollywood. This act of surpassing Hollywood made Nollywood the 2nd most movie producing film industry in the world. The Indian film industry Bollywood stays on top being the world’s largest film industry.

In Nigeria Wealth, Personal Network, Social Power and higher status have almost become necessities of life. To fit here as a part of society and get things done people are required to have connections or be someone named or important, or know someone named or important. Here to get even general things done people require connections to important or powerful people.

Nigerian People are one of the most optimistic people as well, and this is one of the main reason why they are driven to excel in education, family and profession. Nigeria’s culture is full of optimism and positivity despite the fact that the country often faces a crisis related to politics, civil unrest and other medical situations but yet the people of Nigeria don’t give up on their optimism and willpower.

The key mentality of the people of Nigeria is: First work hard and then play hard, the words they were taught “Nigeria Never comes Last” lives inside them throughout their life as part of their mindset and source of key motivation.

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