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How to apologise while keeping up your pride, Apologize with pride

luxembourg 17 February, 2022 20:55HRS

How to Keep Your Pride and Apologize or How to apologise while keeping up your pride

What is pride?

Pride is a form of justifiable self respect or in some cases, pride can be defined as an inordinate form of self-respect.When you apologise or say sorry to someone, the act of admitting your guilt will diminish your pride. Letting go of your pride is the first step towards apologizing, it is the essential requiremet to apologize for your behaviour or say sorry to someone for something that you did wrong.

Too much pride to apologize

The definition of pride defines pride as justifiable self-respect, Describes pride as a considerable and acceptable form of psychological emotion in our lives.

Apologizing always diminishes pride that is in the form of inordinate self respect. People can display pride of these 2 kinds only, where one being an acceptable form and the other being an unacceptable form of pride.

The pride which is in the form of justifiable self-respect is acceptable and pride which is in form of inordinate self respect is considered not acceptable.

How to lower your pride

When we apologize and say sorry to someone, we diminish the negative form of pride and promote acceptable per of pride. Apologizing also improves the character of a human and sets things night in an acceptable way in our lives and relationships.

How to swallow your pride At work

We should insure always in life and understand that by apologizing or asking for forgiveness, we are not losing our dignity. Therefore, we should learn now to apologizing in a meaningful way as well as without embarrassing or losing our pride.

Step 1: how to keep out pride and apologise, acknowledge feelings to yourself - too much pride to Apologize

We should tell ourselves and acknowledge the fact that saying sorry or apologizing is going to be hard and it will feel like we are letting go of our pride, we should acknowledge that for us to be right sometimes we have to apologize.

We might view saying sorry to someone as if by doing so and apologising we are losing our position of power or dignity.

How to swallow your pride in a relationship

When in life and we acknowledge our fears and address that we were wrong or guilty, or mention the fears we hold of losing respect, power, or pride we hold in our lives or relationships, we make it much easier for ourselves to apologize And move towards reconciling.

Step 2: think prior of what you will say

Doing so will help you to keep from saying something defensive, or going into an unnecessarily long-winded apology.

While we are thinking to make an apology, we should spend some time upon thinking about what we will say. Thinking and planning our words priorly. making sure that we do not end up saying something further wrong or end-up making demands that we were not supposed to.

Thinking about what we have to say will also ensure that we don't speak or be defensive, as it can easily recreate problems we are trying to solve. For our pride and dignity, this will also make sure that we don't end up making long apology which is not necessary in the given setting perhaps.

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Step 3: Mention the main reason for the Apology

It is important to mention the main reason for apologizing clearly and in a concise and direct manner. Doing this insures that you are aware and also have understood the reason why the person is upset to whom you are making this apology.

You do not and infect should not just start by saying "I'm sorry " or "it was my fault" or “Forgive me for " etc. But Instead of an example, you should start by saying Something like " It was wrong that I went with my buddies on the weekend and didn't let you know " or start by saying " it was an inconsiderate action that I..." and continue to add your reason for the apology.

When we apologize in a controlled way and show our confidence as well as emotional strengths, and this type of apology is done by keeping our words concise and simple.

Step 4: admit that you know what you did wrong which hurt the other Person

Mention clearly that you know and understand that your words or actions affected the affected person's feelings or harmed them in some way, let that be emotional, mental, or physical. Doing so shows that you care about their feelings.This is one of the key and main aspects of an apology.

Admitting your guilt is an act of affirmation of your humanity and emotions or feelings. When we demonstrate and be open to another person, of course, it shows

That we care about them and their feelings but we should always keep in mind that doing so does not make us look weak or low standards.Being open and kind to people and making the effort to apologize only makes us look compassionate and emotionally mature.

Step 5: promise you won't repeat the mistakes again

It is equally important to mention and tell the other person on your partner that you won't repeat the mistake that just you apologized for and also if it applies to the situation you should let the other person know that you will also not lie to them or behave in a similar way once again.

If during this time and stage, your pride kicks in, then immediately you will start feeling that showing this or showing that you care will make you appear to look and that the other person is controlling you or has a stronger position to dictate your life. This feeling will appear to be most reliable and dependable to you but in reality, this feeling is just a resultant of your pride and is not true.

While you’re are telling the other person that you will not repeat the mistake that you've made and you will not behave in the same way again. You will be offering assurance to the person you've hurt and it will help to rebuild trust as well.

As an example in this context, if you made a mistake or hurt someone by lying to them or deceiving them and did something they didn't ask you to or they hold you to avoid doing, then you should promise this human/ your partner that now you will not do some again or lie to your partner furthermore.

These acknowledgments and reassurances in conversation add maturity and show that you are a trustable and confident human they can continue to rely upon or give a chance again.

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