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Life Lessons from Vincent Van Gogh

netherlands 17 March, 2021 22:44HRS

Life lessons from the renowned artist and Painter Vincent van Gogh on Risks, Mistakes, Fears, feeling and how all of these motivates us to keep moving in life and keep doing better.

Life may appear without meaning sometimes, sometimes we cant see any purpose in it or motivation no create or just live up with all joy, but a person of energy, warmth, humility and faith always creates something and keeps moving forward. And later that journey becomes that person’s meaning of life.

Never fear Failure

Van Gogh was considered a mediocre artist at the time he started painting and creating arts. But he believed in himself only and no one else. He used to say if he hears a voice within that says “You can’t paint” then just do the opposite and keep painting. Soon this voice will be silent.

On 2nd October 1884, Vincent van Gogh wrote to his brother Theo – Sometimes in the act of being active in life we make mistakes unknowingly but we shouldn’t have the fear of making mistakes. Most people think that they will achieve goodness by doing nothing wrong or making no harm but this is a lie they tell to themselves; a lie that leads to being normal and just as everyone else. My brother Theo, whenever you see a blank canvas or a drawing surface, create something unique on it, something that is made without the fear of making mistakes.

The Starry Night - Painting by Vincent van Gogh - 1889

Have No need for Motivation or Inspiration

Looking at an untouched blank canvas or just any form of drawing surface as an artist it creates a rather strong sensation inside to create something amazing on it. Just like a strong urge to use that surface and pour out our ideas and feelings on that surface in form of art. This urge often turns artists into people like creative madmen.

Vincent never waited for any motivation or Inspiration, rather he faced demotivation and criticism from the world upon his works of paintings, sketches and drawing at that time but he never gave up. Van Gogh continued to create and create nonstop since he began. He always used to try doing things he cannot do so he can learn how to do that.

Focus on giving Value and Importance to the world, Not Money. Money follows

Never focus on making your arts right or into a set piece of design just with a focus on selling them. Just focus on making your art right so your art will be right as per your own mind. You will not be able to create something unique or of a higher value if you just keep your focus on creating something to sell, something that is only created for a monetary value.

Landscape Under a Stormy Sky - Painting by Vincent Van Gogh - 1888

Believe in yourself and in the Journey of life

Mother Nature usually starts through resisting artists and creators but if the artists do their work and create their arts with seriousness then the creators and artists will not stop or slow down over that resistance but rather they continue to improve and be better for the same.

Have an Understanding of Depth

If an artist or creator wants to create or paint living elements and life, they must understand the anatomy of these living things and also understand the emotions of these creatures, understand how people feel and think of the world they belong to. The artists and creators who know about their own creations and not the depth of all elements will just turn to be a very superficial creator or artist.

Irises - Painting by Vincent van Gogh - 1889

Appreciate all Emotions of Life

A good artist understands art, a great artist understands emotions. All creations and arts hold a unique emotion to themselves and when a person looks at these creations they feel it deep within as per their way of understandings.

There is beauty in Everything

Just as sometimes we cannot see a meaning in life, similarly art doesn’t have a meaning, a true moral is absent for both life and as well as art. But in the mind of a wise person, there is beauty and meaning in everything. Even is that meaning is created by that person themselves.

Starry Night Over the Rhône - Painting by Vincent van Gogh - 1888

Enjoy spending time alone, just with Yourself and by Yourself

In one of his letters to his brother Theo, Vincent vanGogh writes that he wonders if he can make his brother understand but he will try to do so, Vincent writes that when he was alone in the Brabant region and Hague. Vincent Van Gogh thought of himself as an important human, he was a lonely person, trying to solve all issues he faced. He told himself that he is an artist, in fact, the only artist alive and everything he creates or paints is valuable to this world. He knew that he had great ability and soon the whole world will understand this and know Vincent Van Gogh as a Splendid Painter.

Work to your Limits - This Life is an Opportunity to Create something Unique

Vincent Van Gogh used to paint all the way from 4 AM in the early morning to the Darkness of the night, On few days Vincent Van Gogh used to create 2 to 3 complete pictures. Generally, he made almost 4 paintings or arts every week and did so nonstop for almost 10 years.

Vincent was not focusing upon how long he will remain alive in this world but he focused just on what can he do with his living days of his lifetime. Vincent Van Gogh measured his time in life by the number of art pieces he created and not by the days he has lived on.

Wheat Field with Cypresses - Painting by Vincent van Gogh - 1889

Vincent never stopped working since he started. Since Vincent decided to be artist, he became what he is now by his sheer will power and dedication to his profession.

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