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Russia is planning False-Flag operation for excuse to Invade Ukraine

russia 19 January, 2022 23:47HRS

Russia is planning for a False-Flag operation for excuse to Invade Ukraine

After negotiation attempts in three different European cities, there seems to be not any signs or suggestions of even a little diplomatic breakthrough between Russia and the West.

The recent warning from The White House with the intel that was backed by the United States’ Intelligence agencies; that the crisis in Ukraine can escalate further very quickly.

The United States believes that Russia is currently planning to make a pretext for Invading Ukraine.

White House Press Secretary, Jen Psaki states:

“ The U.S. and its intelligence agencies have certain actionable intelligence that indicates and suggests that Russia has already positioned one or more groups of special operatives located close to Ukrainian borders with Russia, this group of operatives is tasked to conduct some false flag operations in the region of Eastern Ukraine. These Russian Operatives are well trained to use explosives and also conduct urban warfare. They can use these skills to conduct false flag or fake operations with for sabotaging against Proxy forces in the region that are backed by Russia itself. “

Furthermore, the concerns and statements made by White House Press Sec. Jen Psaki are confirmed and backed by the Pentagon.

United States Department of Defense. As the Spokesperson of the Pentagon, John Kirby stated:-

“ The United States already have solid indications which are backed by the intelligence reports from the region that the Russia’s Influence actors are already starting to plan and fake provocations from Ukraine, in social media and state as well to justify any kind of pretext for the incursion. “

Reports also suggest that Russia was behind the recent Cyber attacks on the official government websites of Ukraine.

The Cyber attacks crashed the websites down for a considerable amount of time including some official government websites of the Ukrainian government which showed a message that stated: “be scared and fear for the worst”; these messages were displayed during the same time when the Ukrainian websites were down due to that Cyber Attack.

Later after these allegations were made that Russia was behind those Cyber Attacks, Russian foreign minister, Sergey Lavrov completely dismissed all allegations. Russia’s Foreign Minister also stated that United States and its Western allied nations were reason for continued tensions between Russia and Ukraine, As the west is not responding to the demands that were made by Russia, mainly that Ukraine should never be allowed to be part of NATO, and same should be confirmed in permanent by state paperwork.

United States Senate has decided to act strongly but has decided to not sanction the Nord Stream gas pipeline that goes from Russia to Germany.

Chuck Schumer, the U.S. Senate Majority Leader stated in Capitol Hill:

“ Most of us in the senate do agree that America should act strongly to confront Russia and also confront Russian President Vladimir Putin’s destabilizing maneuvers in the region of Ukraine and in Eastern Europe. But Democrats in the chamber made clear that the Bill by Republican Senator Ted Cruz to directly sanction the Nord Stream gas pipeline is wrong. “

The United States of America has insisted that sanctions which will be imposed on Russia should not have an impact on allied nations like Germany.

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