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United States is highly concerned over Russia's intentions about Ukraine, Antony Blinken

ukraine 29 November, 2021 16:32HRS

Antony Blinken, The United States Secretary of State has denied that the Central Intelligence Agency has sufficient intel to believe that the Russian Federation and it's president Vladimir Putin have plans to seize and capture land from Ukrainian territory.

The current U.S. Secretary of State mentioned that the United States of America is concerned and is taking this matter with uttermost seriousness as there are building tensions between Russia and Ukraine again, the concerns rise amid the actions of the Russian military and statements made by the Russian Federation on Ukraine.

There is an uptick in unusual Russian Military activities very close to the Russia-Ukraine border, which includes mobilization and deployment of 1st Russian Armoured guards brigade close to Ukrainian borders, this tank division is one of the most lethal armored divisions in the Russian Army. The world is also noticing unusual levels of chatter and clusters of propaganda posts on social media as well as directly from Russia.- Antony Blinken said during a press conference while he was on a trip to West Africa.

The concern of rising tensions and clouds of war between Russia and Ukraine are also worrying the United Kingdom and many other NATO nations which are also allies of the United States of America. But it is still not sure whether the U.S. Intelligence believes or not that Vladimir Putin (President of the Russian Federation) was planning to annex more Ukrainian territory.

It is still not sure what are the actual intentions of President Putin but the world has seen what Russia did in recent history when it annexed Crimea from Ukraine (Crimea is not officially a Russian territory and is totally under the control of the government of the Russian Federation). The new Russian strategy of seizing land from foreign nation starts by trials of citing any sort of provocation that is illusive from any other countries other than Russia and even Ukraine that are of interest and then further using this same illusory provocation as an excuse to advance military forces and increase military tension ultimately to acquire land from the targeted nation.

The above statement was made by Antony Blinken with reference to the previously seen Ukrainian crisis of 2014 in which the Russian Military seized the region of Crimea from Ukraine and turned it officially into a territory of Russia.

It came after when the Ukrainian government toppled and continued to resist the movements to the Western regions of Ukraine, the Russians annexed the Crimean peninsula through the help of the Russian Military (Without official insignia) and backed the local separatist groups by providing them with supplies and weapons.

Crimea always was a mostly Russian-speaking region in Eastern Ukraine, now Crimea is officially part of the Russian Federation as per the Government of Russia.

As per the Russian Government, the West is to be blamed for the current Russian escalations in the Russia-Ukraine border region that includes large Russian military exercises in the region and conducting formation flights of Russian bombers into the region as so to be called some sort of practice, but the question is: It is practice for what exactly?

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