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What a good relationship should consist of

united kingdom 20 July, 2021 22:2HRS

Good Relationships are healthy, exciting, motivating, purposeful, supportive in almost all aspects of life and the list goes on and on. However some or nowadays most people miss this from life and cannot recognize or deliver on the responsibilities and efforts a healthy relationship requires.

What a good relationship should consist of

The amount of efforts and delivering upon your partner’s expectations varies in different relationships as the people continue to vary in multiple aspects depending upon locations and numerous other life factors, therefore there is no perfect guide or a perfect recipe for a good relationship. That is the reason why it is a duty of each partner to responsibly support each other in all times and conditions of life and continue to excel further as a team in the game like world where it is a miracle almost to find a good and ideal companion to spend this journey of life with.

We compiled and made a comprehensive list of all important and essential aspects that collectively lead to a good and successful relationship. This list will be same for all relationships and will not be confined to any specific age group, personality, location or cultures. This list will contain all essentials that a food relationship should consist of.

NOTE: Conflicts, disagreements and quarrels can occur and are also healthy for a good and balanced relationship but this is the key to identify if your partner is really considerable or not, if you have a good partner they will collaborate with you and solve these quarrels and problems together as a team, but it is important to give them space to think over the things. Make sure to learn from past conflicts and quarrels in order to fix the issues that cause them making sure these problems don’t occur again.


The most critical and important part of every relationship is going to be Trust. Trust takes a continuous effort to build and obtain in the beginning and it continues to stay hard to maintain in a relationship. As the saying goes, “Trust is a must” and “great things take time”, we will be keeping Trust as the number 1 most important factor to consider for a good and healthy relationship.

The reason why these days trust is soo difficult to obtain and maintain in a relationship is the factor of previous betrayals or other bad experiences from the past. Maybe you have had some bad past experiences in your love life or your partner or just both of you, Trust will be difficult and effort taking to obtain in a relationship.

To build trust in a relationship the most important factors are honesty from yourself and your partner, being able to depend on each other, keeping the promises, delivering upon your words, openness, staying punctual and not giving a reason of doubt to your partner.

SUMMARY: Trust is the most important element of a good relationship. Trust is built upon Honesty, and one has to stay honest and open for a considerable period of time before they can obtain trust.

NOTE: If trust is lost by continuous doubts or dishonest behavior, it will take much more effort and time to rebuild trust again.


Good communication and methods of talking openly with your partner is critical because honest and open communication will make the relationship easier to manage and it will be easier for you and your partner to solve relationship issues. Communicating well with your partner and sharing everything that is bothering you, will ensure to solve quarrels and fix relationship problems more easily and effectively in a positive way. It is advised to listen to your partner and focus on their feelings as well as try to put yourself in their place and then think what actions they would expect from you to solve these issues.

Avoid getting angry and try to pay attention to what your partner says or how they behave with you in order to understand them and their problems better. Learn to say it all, share all what is inside your head whenever you get a chance or during the quarrels and this open communication will develop an honest and good communication method.

SUMMARY: Communication is 2nd most important element of a good relationship and it will get better over time upon further communication and talking openly with your partner.

NOTE: Don’t get angry or annoyed, Listen, and try to share everything openly instead of overcomplicating the problems.


Commitment will be a very important part of a good and serious relationship. Staying committed to your partner in a healthy relationship is critical to have a long and successful relationship in a healthy and good way. Commitment is the combined factor of staying supportive, loyal, respectful and honest with your partner.

SUMMARY: Commitment is the mix of honesty and supportiveness over a long period of time.

NOTE: For a healthy and successful relationship, both partners should be equally committed to each other. Any imbalance in commitment in your relationship will lead to toxicity.


In order to solve quarrels and fix relationship issues, often or at least sometimes you or your partner will definitely have to compromise according to the needs of each other or according to the needs of your relationship. Working together like a team in relationship to manage relationship issues, quarrels, indifferences and other problems will also require some cooperation and sacrifice from both partners.

SUMMARY: Cooperation will be the key to get closer and stay in relationship as one, as a team to face life together. Compromises and self sacrifices will be the key to solve quarrels in your relationship and continue to thrive together more closely and stay more attached as well.

NOTE: Compromises and Sacrifices should be normal. Extreme compromises like quitting a job, college or spoiling your work-life for your partner is just too much and should not be taken into consideration.


If you and your partner believe for sure that you are going to be together in future and the relationship will be a successful one; then all quarrels and fights in the relationship will become easy to solve and relationship issues will be easy to navigate through.

TIP: Believe together in a certain future!

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