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How to Write a Letter to Someone Who Has Betrayed You

canada 21 February, 2022 12:26HRS

How to Write a Letter to Someone Who Has Betrayed You

How do l write letter to someone who betrayed me

It is normal to feel upset or a bit angry when you have to write a letter to someone who has betrayed you or you feel that this person was betrayed you, writing a letter to such people is always a grueling and uncomfortable task reason being that while writing letter to someone who has betrayed you we have to tangle multiple emotions that most people would have forgotten on would not want to recall.

Open Letter to the Person who Betrayed Me

The task of writing a letter to someone who has betrayed you entails the bothersome moment of addressing the person who has hurt you in past, this takes a lot of courage and strength. If you want your letter to be effective, then you should write all your opinions and statements about all that has happened to you regarding the situation and how it all makes you feel.

What to Say to Someone who betrayed you

Try not to make statements that blame the person who hurt you by pointing fingers at them through statements or writing sentences in letter such as " it was your fault..." Or "you did..." or "you were wrong" and so on because if you'll do so it is quite certain that the person you're writing a letter to might not even read it or skip multiple paragraphs that were important to you personally.

Wherever you write a letter to someone who hour betrayed you, you should write from your heart and you should mention clearly how you feel. It is not soo important if your letter resolves any problems and issues or not, but the letter should convey all your emotions and feelings, this will be an important part of the healing process. Another reason why you should write all your emotions and feelings is that by writing your feelings down will definitely make you feel better for sure.

What to say to someone who betrayed you Quotes

Before you start writing the letter, you should sit down calmly and think about why you are feeling that this person now betrayed you. This process will help you more if you can share the situation and your condition with your close and trustable friends or family and further shore all details about the circumstances so they can give you suggestions and more in depth advice or support you in these situations.

Now you should start writing notes that combine your thoughts and advice or suggestions that your friends and family gave you abort your life situation and regarding the person who has betrayed you in general. These notes are not primary key points on letter itself yet, these notes are rough and just will be used when you will be writing the letter.Therefore, take your time and think deeply about what you have to write and say in the letter which you are writing to the person who hurt you.

Start your letter with "I" statements and avoid "you" statements for the starting and first-half of the letter. Like instead of saying or writing " you made the mistake" or "you betrayed me"; you should begin writing your letter with "I feel that you've betrayed me" or "I feel betrayed by you" and so on

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You might feel more hurt or offended, but writing "I" statements and such types of statements will dissolve hard words and will also dissolve the negative blames. Doing this will also not Make the person to whom you are writing the letter to feel that they are getting verbally attacked by you.

You should include all the details and information or thoughts that you have gathered whileTaking notes which you would want letter’s recipient aka. “the person who betrayed you" should be aware of.

Once you have finished writing the entire letter, you should read the entire yourself to reflect upon what you have written in the letter and what you were trying to say to the recipient.

During this process of reading over your letter, you should also check and correct spelling mistakes and writing errors. Try Grammarly.

Deliver the letter. Send letter to the person (recipient) via postal mail. You also could physically deliver it or have a friend give it to the recipient. Or, you might decide never to give the person this letter, but instead, you decided to keep it for your personal records or destroy it.

After all, is checked and is perfect, you should send the letter to the recipient. You can send the letter to the person who betrayed you through postal mail or if inconvenient you canEven send the letter by email. If possible you can try delivering the letter physically by yourself or through a friend.

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If for some reason, personal or emotional. You wish to not deliver the letter, you can decide to never give it to the person or keep it as personal record or personal memory or you may even destroy the letter by burning it.

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